Pastor Tim & Patsy

God Loves You & So Do We!

By the way … Has anyone told you today that Jesus Loves You?

Tim and Patsy have been married for 33 years. Together they have two boys, two girls, two son inlaws, and five grandchildren

Tim is the pastor and founder of Pleasant Plains Community Church. The first service was held on Sunday January 9, 1999 with 9 adults present. Prior to that first service, Tim was approached by a family that showed an interest in beginning a Bible believing Baptist Church. Pastor Tim’s first response was, “The Red Sea would have to part again”. Within 4 days Pastor Tim said, “The Red Sea parted again after securing the use of what was the Pleasant Plains Methodist Church for $10 per month.

Since then, the congregation has experience many miracles ministering to hundreds of adults, teens and boys and girls. There have been over 150 to follow the Lord in baptism. They are still using the old church as an activity chapel and are presently enjoying a 200 seat multi purpose sanctuary on three acres that the Lord provided.

Pastor Tim received his pastoral training, biblical studies, counseling and business through Liberty University, Liberty Bible College, Fayetteville Technical College and hands-on experience through Mid-Way Baptist Church located in Raleigh, NC under the leadership of the late Pastor James L. Upchurch and through Thomas Road Baptist Church located in Lynchburg, VA under the leadership of of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell. As overseer of Pleasant Plains Community Church Ministries, Pastor Tim is always looking for committed followers of Christ who have a godly desire to be leaders in the ministry of our church. 

Patsy is the pastor’s devoted wife and personal secretary. She also assists our treasurer as the church bookkeeper and serves as the director of adminstration and oversees the ladies ministry at the church.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Bible or other questions concerning the christian life please feel free to e-mail us at or call at 919-818-1652.